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The Adapt Kitchen and Juice Bar mission is one of simplicity; blending health, wellness, & nutrition with a sustainable coastal lifestyle in mind.

Founders and Co-owners, Chris Curry and Elie Tilghman, bring unique coastal perspectives to their health food and beverage concept & design. Being a native of Wrightsville Beach, NC, Chris possesses unique knowledge of this locale both in and out of the water. Elie, a native of Ocean City, Maryland, delivers a creative vision of both modern and rustic home artistry.

Together, its a partnership and brand focused on serving its guests with healthy products which support well-balanced lifestyles. The vision is one that focuses on enhancing the coastal, southern North Carolina community and its culture. Adapt | Living coastal, living healthy. 


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Chris and Elie share the same passion for laid back coastal living while enjoying nutritionally dense, health food and beverage. They set out several years ago to start building a unique brand while researching some of the best health food kitchen’s and juice bars across the United States and Hawaii. Along the way, they found the inspiration they were looking for in creating a unique brand. They both live very active lifestyles which has been a focal point in bringing their healthy and sustainable business concept, Adapt Kitchen and Juice Bar, to life in their hometown of Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. Stop in next time your around to learn more about Adapt and to experience their unique food, creative beverage, the local culture + welcoming community.

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Sun - Thurs. 7am - 5pm

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32 North Lumina Avenue
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Phone Number: 910-679-8125